SC ZIMTUB SA Zimnicea is an important Romanian producer of spiral and black longitudinally welded steel pipes, with an active presence both on the Romanian and the international market.

The company was founded in 1978, when production of spiral welded tubes started. As new plants were commissioned, product range was extended with black longitudinally welded pipes in 1984. And, through a daring investment programme, the list of ZIMTUB products is not completed yet.

As a port on the Danube river, Zimnicea is directly linked with Europe while deliveries to other continents are performed through Constantza, the biggest Romanian Black Sea harbour.

The high-quality products and the experience gained in over 30 years have consolidated ZIMTUB market position, the company ranking among the most important Romanian steel tubes suppliers.

ZIMTUB's large portfolio, including customers both in Romania and abroad, with whom long-lasting relationships have been established, is a proof of our business partners' confidence in our commitment and competence. This confidence is due to our permanent concern with increasing product quality and range but mainly to our solicitude and flexibility. Because our main target is to have satisfied customers.

I. Submerged spirally are welded pipes:

Dimensional range:
- diameter (219.1 - 1626) mm;
- wall thickness (4.8 - 12.5) mm;
- lenght (6 - 12.5) m;
- material OL 37.2, OL 42.2, OL 52.2 or other equivalent steel grades, according to various execution standards.
End use:
- pipe lines for combustible fluids, petroleum, oil, gas, water pipe lines;
- heating pipe lines, gas mains, etc.;
- general purpose: installations, metallic constructions.

II. Spirally welded pipes coated with extruded polyethylene:
- according to SREN DIN 30 670,
- dimensional range 219.1 ÷ 813 mm,
- wall thickness between 5 and 14.2 mm.
- Manufacturing material L245 ÷ L415 or equivalent steel grades according to different standards of execution.

III. Longitudinally welded steel pipes with high frequency currents, black and hot dipping galvanized:

Dimensional range:
- diameter 1/2" (21.3 mm) - 3 " (88.9 mm);
- wall thickness (0.8 - 4) mm;
- lenght (5.8 - 6) m;
- material OL 37 or other equivalent materials, according to various execution standards.
End use:
- black longitudinally welded steel pipes for water, gases and steam installations;
- black longitudinally welded steel pipes for metallic constructions, plants and general purpose pipe lines.


IV.High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE):
- made according to SR ISO 4437, ISO 44 27 from PE 80 and PE 100,
- with diameters between 20 and 315 mm,
- pressure: PN 4, PN 6, PN 6, 5 PN 10, PN 16
Used in distribution networks of drinking water, sewage pipes, irrigation, fuel gas distribution, protection of communications systems.


ZIMTUB has implemented ISO 9001 quality assurance system certified by TÜV Suddeutschland München.

Main equipment ZIMTUB company is endowed with are:

- two automatic internal and external welding equipments made by
LINCOLN - USA, operating on the forming-welding installations provided by CSPEL Hungary;

In order to assure product's quality, ZIMTUB is equipped with:
- non-destructive testing equipments made by
- mechanical testing equipments;
- hydrostatic test equipments.
- spectrometer with optical emission type

Besides production equipment and laboratories, ZIMTUB is also provided with a maintenance workshop for maintenance and repair of equipment as well as utilities for the production process (electricity, industrial water, compressed air, etc.)
At the same time, Company's logistics includes railway lines with access ways to Zimnicea railway station and port, locomotives, waggons and autovehicles, all of which assuring supply of raw materials and delivery of end-products.